Starting and maintaining a frugal flower garden

Gardening: Flowers

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How to Preserve Flowers

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Cut flowers eventually wilt. Our readers share some tips and tricks for keeping fresh cut flowers looking fresh.

Beautify With Bouquets

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The Best of The Old Farmer's Almanac Gardener's Companion offers tips on cutting and arranging flowers to maintain the longest vase life.

Container Mania: Flowers

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Potted plants are a versatile part of landscaping. With a minimal amount of work and care, containers can spruce up areas without foliage, add decoration to a front porch, or be moved to different locations in the yard as needed. Here are some tidbits on how to plant and maintain stunning flower pots.

Flower Power: Annuals

Sheryl Simons

Do you know that some annuals actually reseed themselves? It's true. Not all plants come in plastic boxes at a garden store.

Free Plants and Flowers!

Pearl Sanborn

Spending a king's ransom on a few plants is not our idea of gardening fun! Here are a few ideas that will help you have beautiful plants for free this year! Frugal gardening at its best!

To create the garden of your dreams, get some expert help.
Burpee's choice selection of garden-proven supplies will get your garden off to a great start!

Garden Decor Ideas

Monica Resinger

Old bowling balls can either be spray painted or left as-is and used as a garden sphere that is so popular in gardens. If you do not have a bowling ball, check the thrift stores or yard sales to get one cheap. Read on for more great garden decor ideas.

A Guide to Air-Drying Flowers

Monica Resinger

Air-drying flowers is a simple, fun hobby that can save you money by providing free material to make dried flower decorations for your home or to give as gifts.

Flowers and Shrubs in the Natural Garden

Don Trotter

Growing shrubs and flowering plants in the garden is easy if you pay attention to a few small details. Here are some fun ways to keep them blooming as the heat descends upon us this summer.

A Cottage Garden for Under $10

Pearl Sanborn

Here are some ideas on how to surround yourself with your own lush cottage gardens. You can have your dream come to life every year, for less than the cost of a family meal at McDonalds!

The Bulbs Are Coming

Don Trotter

There will soon be an abundance of new fall bulbs in garden centers, nurseries, and home center garden shops. Learn here how to prepare a site for them before you actually plant them.

The Shoestring Gardener provides creatively frugal gardening how-tos, remedies & tips.

No Cost Flower Gardens

TDS Reader Solutions

Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

Colleen Moulding

Selecting the Right Wildflowers

Carolyn Allen

Hot Lovers: Flowers that Thrive in the Heat

David Soper

Our First Real Garden

Nanette Gilbert

Nature's Dividends: Dividing Perennials

David Soper

Bulbs for Summer

David Soper

Growing 'Wrigley Field Ivy'

Mira Dessy

Organic Fertilizer for Flowers

Mira Dessy

Preserving Flowers

Mira Dessy

Hanging Flower Baskets

Kay Hanson

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