Caring for houseplants inexpensively

Gardening: Houseplants

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Natural Healthcare for Houseplants

Don Trotter

Houseplants are probably the one type of plant that we will all get a chance to care for at some time in our life. Here are some natural ways to care for the indoor garden.

Hardy Indoor Plants

TDS Reader Solutions

Suggestions from our readers for finding house plants that will live through chilly winters and then into the summer when the house gets warm.

Houseplants from Garbage

Susan Gately

Cheerful indoor plants do wonders to cheer up a dark winter day, and you can enjoy them with virtually no cash expenditure, too. A veritable jungle of exotic inexpensive houseplants awaits if you merely intercept a few scraps on their way to the compost pile.

Indirect Sunlight and Indoor Plants

Mira Dessy

They only get indirect sunlight in their house. Is it possible to get anything to sprout in those conditions?

Keeping Indoor Ivy Alive

Mira Dessy

She just can't keep ivy growing. It's the basic, supposedly easy-growing ivy. Any ideas?

Foolproof Indoor Plants

Mira Dessy

What type of indoor plants are easiest care for? What is the right way to care for a particular plant? Find the answers here.

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