Mulch is a great resource for maintaining a frugal garden and cheap planters

Frugal Gardening: Mulch

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Free and Extremely Cheap Sources of Mulch

Josh Medlin

Many gardeners may not have considered the free or extremely cheap sources of mulch available in both town and country. Many of these materials can also be used in making compost, which in turn can be used as an enriching mulch.

Make Your Own Environmentally Friendly Mulch

TDS Reader Solutions

She has a limb shredder and is wondering what to add to it to make environment friendly mulch. Our readers share their tips and tricks.

Effective Mulching Materials

David Soper

In the face of extraordinary temperatures in much of the nation, questions arise about what to do in gardens to salvage as much as you can. The most practical thing you can do right now is to apply mulch.

Mold and Mulch

Mira Dessy

When mulch contains pine needles, it can develop mold. Should it still be used? Find out here.

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