Even TV junkies can live without cable

Eliminate Your Cable Bill and Still Watch TV

by Jessica Michelle

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Reducing your regular monthly expenses can be tough, but there's one option that's gaining popularity. More and more people are cutting the cable cord. I'm a self-professed TV addict and I dropped my cable subscription a couple years ago and haven't looked back. Even though I don't get cable anymore, I'm still able to watch new episodes of all my favorite shows on my TV. How do I this? Read on for ideas on how to survive as a TV addict without a huge cable bill.

Use an antenna. Did you know that over the air channels are still free? And they're HD too! You can hook up an antenna to your TV and get a lot of channels with great quality. And the new antennas aren't the bunny ears they used to be. Most are sleeker, smaller and provide much better quality.

Another option is to sign up with TiVo BOLT, which allows you to watch live TV through their remote antennas. It includes a remote DVR so you can schedule recordings.

Watch online. There are a lot of free and low-cost ways to watch TV online. You can watch directly from TV network websites, or watch recent episodes for free on Hulu. Hulu makes most TV shows available the day after they air. Amazon Prime Instant Video has a great selection of TV shows and movies available for free for their Prime members. Also, Netflix is a great way to catch up on past seasons of TV shows. And don't worry about having to watch it on your tiny laptop. A lot of tablets have built in streaming devices that let you stream content to your TV. Or you can invest in a $5 HDMI cable and hook up your laptop or tablet to your TV.

Hook up a streaming device to your TV. If you don't want to stream through your laptop, you can purchase a steaming device, such as Roku, AppleTV, or the lowest cost option at $35, Google Chromecast, that will allow you to stream many TV shows and movies. Some are free and some require subscription services, such as Netflix. Or if you have a gaming console, such as Xbox or Nintendo Wii, you can stream movies and TV shows through them as well.

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Getting rid of your cable subscription is a great way to save money every month. One thing to be conscious of is how many pay streaming services you join. You don't want to eliminate your cable bill only to have a bunch of online subscriptions to pay for each month! It will take some exploration to figure out which service and method is best for you, but the money you'll save every month will be worth it.

Jessica Michelle is a blogger who believes that good living doesn't have to break the bank. Follow her on Twitter.

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