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6 Alternatives to Expensive Salon Treatments

by Ely Marie

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How can one afford to compete with the Hollywood images that hover in front of your eyes with every advertisement?

Thankfully, spa treatments, expensive exfoliations, and laser surgeries do not remain in queue on my to-do list since discovering reasonable beauty tips that both increase my confidence and help me look as great as I feel.

My practical beauty tricks to increase your confidence and free your resources include:

- Whiten your teeth with baking soda!

Get the same results as a professional treatment with weekly use. Simply add a teaspoon to your toothbrush and watch the stains fade away.

- Use Peppermint oil on your lips!

Having a girl's night out? Use peppermint essential oil, diluted with water or added to your lip gloss, to successfully plump up your lips.

- Fade those stretch marks!

With regular exfoliation and peels, your stretch marks will be ancient history. Create effective body exfoliation soap at home by simply adding salt or sugar to your body soap. Add a bi-monthly natural pumpkin or TCA peel to the mix to get fast results.

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- Get youthful skin without a doctor!

Get your glow back and maintain it by adding chlorophyll rich foods like chards, kale, lime, and wheatgrass to your diet. Don't forget to take a daily multi-vitamin high in B-vitamins and flush Niacin to get those rosy cheeks, rejuvenate your skin, and increase your energy to boot!

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- Liposuction? No, thank you!

A little dietary smarts and some light weight lifting exercises will firm up your body in no time! Lifting five to ten pound weights for 20-minute increments will not only increase lean muscle mass but help you burn calories through the night.

- Get back youthful hair to match your radiant complexion!

Witness your hair go from dry to healthy! A natural scalp treatment once a week can improve texture and volume and increase hair growth. Use coconut oil to improve shine and thickness. Just apply generously to the scalp and leave on for 20 minutes before shampooing as normal.

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