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by Veronica Bowman
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When the family budget gets tight, it isn’t always easy to get your family on board with necessary cost-cutting measures. These steps can help get the whole family to solve financial problems together.

If your financial pinch has progressed from a temporary situation to a complete lifestyle alteration, you may be in need of some words of encouragement. Budget restraints and financial concerns affect everyone who lives in your house. The degree to which each person feels the impact varies, especially regarding children. Very young children may not be aware of how family finances affect them, whereas older children can participate in implementing budgeting ideas.

As time passes, you and those living with you may begin to feel a little weary of penny-pinching, especially if trying to get the most out of every dollar is a survival method more than a lifestyle choice. If you’re feeling a little frustrated, you may need a morale booster for your frugal lifestyle. There are several ways to banish the frugal living doldrums.

Make Frugality a Game

Let everyone in the household be a frugality detective.

If the children catch Mom and Dad leaving lights on, wasting water, or doing anything that is not frugal, they can point it out. Reward your kids’ efforts with a set amount of money deposited in their personalized savings jar.

When parents see children doing frugal things like closing the door behind them so heating and cooling bills don’t skyrocket or turning lights off when they leave a room, they reward them for their frugal habits.

Rewards don’t have to be monetary rewards. You could give homemade coupons redeemable for something a child enjoys, such as a special edible treat, extended TV time, or a later bedtime.

Write Thank You Notes

Post a note of thanks on the refrigerator or message board or slip one into their lunch bag when you know someone has taken an extra step toward saving money and helping the family budget.

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Come Up With New Ideas

Keep a suggestion box in a general location for family members to place money-saving ideas in. Once again, reward them for their contribution.

Children are good observers. They might pick up some frugal lunch ideas from friends at school. Adults should always be on the lookout for new money-saving methods and ideas.

Bargain With Your Budget

Find one area where you might be able to pinch a penny a little harder to add pennies to the leisure section of the budget.

For example, refrain from dining out for a more extended period than usual to enjoy an evening out with your spouse at a more elaborate restaurant. Take advantage of local restaurant coupons for some bonus family treats. BOGO offers at local restaurants allow you to enjoy an unexpected treat occasionally.

You should never cut all enjoyable activities from the budget. That would lead to depression, anger, frustration and could cause a wide assortment of negative repercussions.

There’s always a way to create family fun or for a couple to enjoy some romantic moments together regardless of how tight the budget might be.

Debt trouble? We can help.

If circumstances have put your family in debt, we can help you create a plan for conquering it. One that is personalized to your family's budget and lifestyle.

It’s always good to look on the bright side of every situation.

While you may be living frugally now out of necessity, try to find solace in knowing that when the tide turns and your financial situation improves, you will have adjusted to a frugal lifestyle. You will know how to manage your finances and how to get the most out of every dollar you spend.

Then, you can put most of your extra money in savings and improve your financial future without putting a strain on your budget or restraint on your lifestyle.

Reviewed May 2023

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