31 Things I Never Use

contributed by J.V.
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In an attempt to live frugally and make my ecological footprint as small as possible, these are the things I never use. How many could you do without?

Sitting here, I was just thinking of all the things that I never use:

1. Baggies for sandwiches and leftovers (I use reusable plastic containers.)

2. Dryer sheets (Clothes get just as soft without them in the dryer.)

3. Fabric softener

4. Spot free rinse liquid in the dishwasher (And I still don’t have spots.)

5. Makeup

6. Paper napkins (I use cloth.)

7. Paper towels

8. Kleenex (I use cloth.)

9. Deodorant (Baking soda or rubbing alcohol work fine for me.)

10. Hair dye

11. Beauty shops (I use a beauty school for some of my haircuts, but mostly I do my own.)

12. Finger nail polish

13. Hair conditioners (Once in a while, I rinse with diluted vinegar.)

14. Washing machine pods (I use powdered or liquid.)

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15. Dishwasher pods

16. Disposable vacuum bags

17. Air fresheners (I open windows as needed.)

18. Processed foods

19. Anything in a can (I buy fresh or frozen.)

20. Pre-made bread (I make my own bread from scratch.)

21. Pre-made pudding (Homemade is best.)

22. Bottled water (I make my own distilled water.)

23. Beer, wine, or alcohol (I don’t drink.)

24. Pre-packed mixes

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25. Cigarettes

26. Liquid body washes (I use Dial soap.)

27. Gasoline for my lawn mower (I use a rechargeable electric lawnmower.)

28. Much gasoline (I have a Toyota Prius Hybrid.)

29. Lawn chemicals

30. Conventional hot water heater (I have a tankless water heater.)

31. Excess water (My water bill is about $45 per month.)

I could go on. The list is endless. I make every possible effort to leave as small an imprint on our small planet as I can. I live healthier, eat well and frugally, use common sense, and watch my pennies and dollars grow.

Reviewed March 2023

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