7 Marvelous Ways To Save Money on Summer Vacation

Summer is the most challenging season to find vacation deals. However, you can still have fun by stretching your dollar with these money-saving tips.

by Harrine Freeman
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After being stuck inside to avoid the cold, we’re ready to travel now that the weather is turning warmer.

Americans work 8 to 12 hour days; we rush to work, rush home, rush to cook dinner, and then repeat the entire process all over again the next day.

We need to slow down and take time out to relax.

We need a summer vacation.

The Benefits of Taking Vacations

The research conducted by psychologist Rex Wright, Ph.D., found that fatigued individuals had more significant blood pressure increases than rested individuals under certain conditions, which may eventually lead to hypertension and heart disease.

Relaxation is the key to helping you stay healthy. Going on vacation enables you to get out of your daily routine and helps you energize and replenish your body.

Unfortunately, summer is the most challenging season to find vacation deals. Resorts and airlines know that people are going on vacation, so they are less likely to discount their services and products.

Many Americans spend more money during the summer because there are more temptations to spend money: the weather, the mall, boredom, longer days filled with sunlight, theme parks, vacations, museums and movies. However, you can still have fun by stretching your dollar.

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7 Ways To Save on Summer Vacation

Here are seven marvelous ways to save money on summer vacation:

1. Choose an Affordable Vacation Location

Consider buying a package option to save money on airfare, hotel, and rental car. Use comparison websites such as Kayak.com to get rates from multiple vendors.

“Be flexible,” says AAA spokeswoman Heather Hunter. “If you don’t have your heart set on one particular place, you can look at different destinations to see what can be most affordable. If you see a good rate, you should jump on it,” Hunter says.

2. Save on Hotels and Resorts

Join hotel club memberships to receive discounts and alerts about specials. Take advantage of hotel and resort freebies.

Call the hotel directly to negotiate and ask about summer specials or promotions. Check online discount vacation, hotel, and cruise websites; many offer packages for up to 70% off. Book a room at a smaller hotel or boutique hotel. Decline the extra fees for add-on services.

3. Save on Airlines

Purchase a hotel, air, and rental car package to receive discounts. Be sure the package includes transportation to and from the hotel.

Consider contacting a travel agent to book airfares. Read guidebooks or travel magazines to get tips about deals.

Set text or email alerts for airline ticket prices. Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons are best for securing discount rates. Try booking at least eight weeks in advance and depart in the morning or at night to get the lowest rates.

4. Save on Rental Cars

The easiest way to reserve a rental car is online. Use one of the many online deals sites to find a discount.

Avoid renting a car from the airport where prices are higher. Find a rental office away from the airport instead. Reserve a vehicle for a midweek pickup to get a better deal.

Consider prepaying. You could save as much as 35% off the total cost. Decline the extra fees for add-on services.

5. Save on Entertainment

Visit tourist centers, cultural centers, or chamber of commerce websites to find information on tourist tours and fees and coupons for resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

Check Groupon and Living Social for the area you plan to vacation in to find out about discounts and specials.

Read the guidebooks in the hotel or resort room. Check the local newspaper to find out about free events. Use free apps like Foursquare City Guide to search for discounts.

Many businesses give discounts to hotel guests. Bank of America has a perk called Museums on Us, where debit card or credit card customers can visit partner museums on the first full weekend of every month for free.

6. Save at Theme Parks

Do not buy tickets at the theme park. Buy discounted tickets through your employer, local credit union, AAA, or warehouse clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club, drugstores, or supermarkets. Call directly and ask about discounts and specials.

7. Save on Vacation Food

Pack sandwiches, snacks, fruit, water, and drinks to save money on food. Be sure to remain within the luggage weight guidelines for the airline.

Take advantage of free meals at hotels or resorts. Sign up for gift certificates on Restaurants.com. Consider eating a big lunch because most lunch menus are cheaper than dinner menus.

Reviewed April 2024

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