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A Trick for Putting Extra Cash to Good Use

“I have trouble saving money. To keep from spending any money left at the end of the month, I buy grocery store gift cards with the extra cash. That way when a birthday party or holiday meal comes up, I have some money already saved for the extra spending. It might not be what a financial planner would recommend, but it works for me.”

Lunchmeat for Less

“My husband and I found a way to save on the high cost of lunch meats. We now buy unsliced meats by the pound at discount stores like Aldi. We found a lot of grocery stores sell it this way. We slice it ourselves on a slicer we bought at an estate/garage sale for $5. It saves us about 50% since the stores mark it up on average 50% to pay for the deli staff and convenience. We feel we are saving a lot by doing it ourselves. It has worked out well for us.”
Naomi V.

A Small Stash for Lean Times

“I have started a small savings that has paid off during those “lean” months. Every time I buy something that is a multi-pack (toilet paper, tissue, soap, etc.), I take one out and put it on a separate shelf in my hall closet (behind some stuff where it won’t be readily seen). Then on weeks when we don’t have enough money to purchase some of these items, I know I can get by an extra week or two with my small stash of necessities.”
JD in St. Louis

Cheap Fabric Freshener

“I love Febreze but can’t afford the high price, so I have come up with an alternative: fabric softener, baking soda and water. Add 2 cups of softener and 2 cups baking soda to 3 cups water. It works just as well if not better! The baking soda refreshes and fabric softener adds that great smell. And, the best part is a 2 month supply only costs about $5.”

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