8 Emotional Triggers That Cause People to Spend

Often spending is triggered by an emotion. Here are a few tools to help you understand the emotions that could be driving you to spend and how to control that urge to splurge.

Am I A Good Candidate For Credit Counseling?

If you’re having debt problems, you might be wondering ‘Am I a good candidate for credit counseling?’. These guidelines will help you find out.

The Financial Folly of ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’

Trying to keep up with the spending habits of others can land you deep in debt. Learn the financial folly of following the crowd and use these key steps to break away from ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ syndrome.

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Stop Burying Your Head in the Sand About Your Finances

Ignoring your money problems will only make them worse. If you’ve lost control of your finances, it’s time to face your financial fears and start taking steps to regain control.

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5 Steps to Take If a Debt Collector Calls

Do debt collector calls have you too nervous to answer the phone? Knowing your rights can help put your mind at ease. Take these steps any time a debt collector calls you.

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Are Your Emotions Making You Poor?

Our financial decisions are not always rational. We explore how emotions can sabotage your best financial plans and some ways you can guard against it.

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