8 Ways Social Media Can Reduce Holiday Spending

by Lauren Romano
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This year, take advantage of social media to help you save money throughout the holiday season. You’re online anyway, so why not save? It could be a tool that can provide year-round savings for you!

As the holidays approach, you might use social media to catch up with old friends, get addresses for greeting cards, and keep track of events you’re planning on attending, but it can also be useful for helping you save money throughout the season. The key is to avoid unnecessary overspending. It’s definitely possible as long as you browse and shop with intention.

The following are ways you can utilize social media as a holiday savings tool instead of one that encourages spending.

1. Consider quick bargains.

The problem with quick bargains is that they’re seemingly available one minute and disappear the next, so you should jump on them as soon as they become available if you’re interested.

A few years ago, I was skimming through social media and came across a post with an attached picture of a necklace that was on sale for a brief time. The jewelry was significantly discounted, and I immediately knew it would make a perfect present. That single post allowed me to check someone off my Christmas list, save a lot of money, and get a gift idea all at the same time.

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2. Ask for deal recommendations.

You might be surprised at the feedback you could get by posting and asking people to give you a heads-up if they spot a deal on a particular item.

A friend of mine recently asked on her social media page if anyone knew of any sales happening for a specific kitchen gadget, and within the hour, she had multiple people giving their input.

3. Pay attention to recommendations provided to others.

The closer you get to the holidays, the more often you’re likely to see posts from individuals asking for advice on gift ideas for a particular person, presents within a specific price range, or suggestions for someone interested in a special hobby. If possible, read through those comments if you think it might help with present purchasing. You can get some great ideas from these posts, especially for those who are hard to shop for.

4. Keep an eye out for social media donation requests.

Speaking of those who say they don’t want or need anything and you can’t figure out what to give them, consider giving a donation in their name instead of struggling to figure out a physical gift.

Many organizations post wish lists close to the holidays or host events where the purchase of those tickets goes to fund their cause. This could be a wonderful chance to give back while supporting a cause close to the heart of someone important to you. In the instances where the organizations are looking for specific supplies, it also allows you to look around for great deals on those requested products.

5. Follow holiday and seasonal accounts.

If you’ve never checked out holiday and seasonal accounts on social media, they can be a wealth of fantastic information for everything from recipes and DIY projects to gift ideas and decor suggestions. They’re also a beneficial place to ask holiday money-saving questions.

6. Read feedback on products before purchasing.

Social media is an excellent place to get feedback on items you’re thinking of buying. It may make the difference between what you buy and what you pass on. So, how exactly can it help you save money?

Let’s say you buy an item and eventually learn it works horribly, but you can’t return it. Finding out after the fact that a product isn’t as great as you thought it was may make you lose out on that money if you’re unable to get a refund. However, if you read feedback beforehand and discover the product isn’t worth the buy in the first place, you might decide to go with one you feel is better instead.

7. Spot sales from various companies.

Follow some companies on social media to look for sales that show up on your accounts. Peek in on their accounts once or twice a day so you don’t accidentally miss great deals.

8. Find local freebies or discounted items.

Right before the holidays, it seems as though many try to get rid of as much excess as possible, which could bode well for them, you, and even those on your shopping list.

Try not to look for items you think might eventually come in handy. Be on the hunt for items you’re certain to use, such as a decoration you’ve been looking for or a vintage item that would be an ideal present for a certain someone.

Make this the year that you really take advantage of social media to help you save money throughout the holiday season. With so many ways to go about it, once you ascertain the method that works best for you, you might find it’s an easy and beneficial process that could also help you during the rest of the year.

Reviewed November 2023

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