4 Ways To Get Paid for Your Hobby

by Elizabeth Wangare
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Hobbies might be enjoyable, but they can also be expensive. But here are four ways you could be making money doing something you enjoy!

If you are tired of working so hard to make money, perhaps you missed that making money can be fun.

While most jobs can keep you living day to day, real joy is attained by engaging in something that lights up your passion. Yes, you could have a career in something you really love.

Making money with your hobbies is the most amazing venture. When it is totally unexpected, you get double the pleasure!

So how can you make money from your hobby?


Imagine you are sitting at the park doing what you love, and someone walks up to ask advice on how to do it. There might be a temptation to train for free and this is surely a noble thing. However, you might find that you could charge for what you know.

When I posted some pictures of my completed items on Facebook groups, I was looking for people to join me so we could have fun together. I didn’t plan on charging for training. However, within a month, I was having as many as ten students in a week, so I had to charge to manage the influx. People serious enough to pay for training are also serious about being on time and putting the training into practice.

Look for people in your social groups who want to learn from you and let them pay for training. You may also approach your local community organization and ask them to give you some space and help you get students. The mode of training largely depends on the nature of your hobby. I utilize both video and hands-on training for crocheting.

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Selling Completed Items

The easiest way to make money from your hobby is by selling your completed items. They may be physical items or even digital ones.

If you are intentional, you will get more clients paying better money for them.

Start by posting your items on Facebook, Etsy, or other sites with a marketplace. The key is to get placed where your kind of items are listed. There are all kinds of sites selling different items, such as apps, articles, handmade items, or ideas.

Selling Patterns

New ideas are birthed when one allows one’s mind to run free. As you grow into your hobby, you will get new inspiration. You may write designs, draw or jot down outlines, or make full-blown patterns that others may use in their work.

There are digital delivery platforms for patterns and tutorials. If you are into DIY, you could also share your procedures.

Selling Supplies

Sometimes, you will come across crazy sales or receive emails regarding planned sales in your niche. Use this opportunity to get more stock for your hobby and sell to others for a small markup.

If you have a network of students, you may add the materials as part of the training cost. This could be ongoing income as your students continue in the hobby.

Why Should You Monetize Your Hobby?

One reason why hobbies are so enjoyable is because they offer comfort zones. You can do that one thing when and how you want.

However, hobbies can be expensive. I found I had to buy yarn in bulk to take advantage of discount sales, and at times, I had to work on different projects. This is a perfect way to finance your hobby and still have some money left over.

If you want to make money from your hobby, learn all you can. The more you know, the easier it will be to get known as an expert, increasing the value of your product and your teaching.

There is a place for experts in every field, so take charge of yours. Be that person who gets invited to write commentaries, tutorials, consultations, and corporate training.

Reviewed November 2023

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