Ways To Manage Stress During a Financial Crisis

by Diane Bergman
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If money problems have you stressed out, try these tips for managing stress during a financial or any other personal crisis.

I have been very stressed over money problems at times in my life. I felt like I was up against the wall. Unable to work because of health problems, I was trying to manage on little more than air.

While I still struggle with money to some degree, I am now much happier than I have ever been in my life. I have composed a list of tips on how to cope with stress during a financial crisis. Some of these tips are suitable for any crisis.

Get Regular Exercise

Studies have shown that daily exercise improves brain function and mood. You’ll soon be in better shape mentally and physically, giving you the strength that you need to get through the tough times.

Keep a Journal

I discovered writing in a journal while dieting and was pleased to find that putting my thoughts on paper made me feel better. I was surprised that I could come up with solutions just by writing out my own problems.

Sometimes, I would catch myself being a drama queen and my problem wasn’t really that bad after all. I also discovered that I complained less to others about my situation. Therefore, I was more pleasant to be around.

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Keep a Routine

When facing a financial crisis, it’s tempting to draw the drapes, shut off the phone, and crawl back into bed to escape from it all. While that is a pleasant thought, you can’t hide forever. In fact, staying on schedule, job hunting, seeing family and friends, and going to appointments will let you know that the earth has not stopped rotating and you can carry on.

Stay Positive

Even though you feel miserable, try to see the positive side of your situation.

Perhaps you can start that business that you always wanted to try or you can go back to school. Remind yourself how you’ve been through hard times before and managed to get through it just fine. It’s only temporary, and you can improve your situation if you take action.

Keep up the positive self-talk and you will soon find that you feel better.

Look for Community Support

There are many support groups out there happy to welcome a new member. If you need help, it’s there for you.

If you run out of groceries, don’t be too proud to ask for help. You need food to function properly to get out of your current situation. I knew of a man who tried to survive on popcorn until he could get another job and he became very ill. Pride can get you other problems without realizing it!

Also, trying to find a job can be very overwhelming. Consider seeing a job counselor for help obtaining work as quickly as possible.

Clean Your Home

You are probably thinking, “Sheesh! That’s the last thing I want to do!” But you know you will feel so much better for it.

It’s a meditative experience when you are concentrating solely on the task at hand. It’s a constructive way to release pent-up negative energy that we carry around while worrying. Then, after all the hard work, you have a spotless home, which is an instant mood lifter. The action makes us feel like we are taking charge of our lives. (If we can fix up the mess in our homes, maybe we can fix the mess in our lives.) Afterward, you may feel like showing off your clean home and inviting the neighbors over!

Practice Appreciation

The first time I began really appreciating my life was when I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I already had a few other serious health problems, but it took being knocked over with a life-threatening illness to force me to wake up and realize that being upset over the little day-to-day irritations was not worth wasting my valuable time.

If you are under stress because of money problems and you are healthy, at least you have your health, which is more valuable than all the money in the world. If you don’t have your health or money like me, enjoy the people in your life or a favorite hobby. I’m grateful for the medical care that I receive. There are people in other parts of the world who have no medical care or pain relievers.

There is always some reason to be appreciative. When looking at your problem compared to what others are dealing with, it really may not be that bad at all.

Think Funny

Laughter is good for us, so laugh often. If you find little reason to laugh, try watching funny TV programs or movies or spending time with the funny people in your life. Everyone in my family is funny, so I’m always laughing. Laughter has been proven to relieve stress.

Get a Pet

According to medical research, owning a pet is supposed to lower blood pressure. I have only heard of the research covering dogs and cats, but I’m sure even the little pets count, too. Those of us who are low on money can’t afford the care of dogs or cats, but we can certainly manage a budgie or a hamster. Just be sure to do a little research to see if your new family member will fit into your budget and lifestyle.

Pets, such as mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and budgies, are often considered suitable pets only for children. I disagree. Pets of any size are living creatures that deserve the best care possible. In return, you’ll have a pet that will amuse you and make you laugh when no one else can. It always feels good to take care of something else.


When we lack self-confidence, the boost we need might be as easy as contributing to society by volunteering. Not only do you feel great about yourself, but also it’s an opportunity to learn new skills and stay involved in the community. You can even get a reference that highlights your new skills to help you while you are job hunting. Volunteering is worth your time. You will get more than you receive.

Is debt cramping your lifestyle?

Imagine how much simpler life could be if you were debt free. We can help you make a plan to get there.

It seems that stress is a significant health problem in modern society. Maybe we just need to step back and look at how we are coping. Stress is here to stay, so if we learn to deal with the stress in our lives, we will live calmer, healthier lives. We just have to remember to take care of ourselves during the tough times and remember that good times are around the corner.

Reviewed October 2023

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