Side Gigs That Can Make You Extra Cash: Ideas From Dollar Stretchers

by Reader Contributors

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How do you earn a little extra money each month? Our readers share their favorite side gigs.

One common situation we frequently hear from readers is that they need just a little more money to make it through the month. Just a hundred or two would make their lives much easier. We’d like to provide more ideas to help provide that extra income.

We asked readers to share their side gigs. Whether it was something based on a hobby, their work experience or anything else, we wanted to hear about it. Here are some of the responses.

Involvement in the Election Process

I work as a Realtor, and I also work as an election official. Training time is paid for as well as on Election Day. It is good to have many eyes on the elections process and it is exciting to be part of the process.

Every Little Bit Helps

  • I do surveys for money or gift cards. I think of it as a hobby or game that pays me a little. I check to make sure they’re legitimate and pay enough to be worthwhile. It’s not much money, but it helps.
  • I also do freelance editing jobs for acquaintances.
  • Apps like Ibotta give rebates with a very easy and fast process. Just scan the UPC code and receipt and either have the money added directly to a PayPal account or sent through gift cards. I make at least $20 (the minimum to withdraw) a month on things I already buy. This is good for purchases at grocery stores, movie theaters, Target, pharmacies, restaurants, etc.
  • I am also looking into online tutoring or other work-at-home opportunities.


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Side Gigs Are Work Related and Hobby Related

For work-related gigs, I am a French and Spanish teacher and tutor high school students on the side. And for hobby-related gigs, I dog sit. I use the website called to get customers. It’s a great, fun source of extra income.

Get Through the Month

I supplement my regular income in several ways. I am a commissioned notary public. Also, I am a certified high school referee as well as a USSF referee and officiate matches year-round. I also work one evening a week at a mortgage company. The extra income from these side jobs really help me to get through the month.

Blackjack, Anyone?

I do dog walking and dog sitting. I have several clients in our neighborhood and also work for It’s like pet therapy, but we don’t have to pay vet bills.

I also deal blackjack for fun parties. This is for neighborhood Christmas parties, company parties, etc. People get play money to bet with, and at the end of the night, they get to buy raffle tickets with their play money they have left. Our parties usually have roulette, craps, poker, and blackjack. I make $50 or $75, depending on how many hours.

I also deliver boxes of produce to people. The company is The Produce Box. People order their produce online and I deliver my route once a week. We are supporting people eating healthy, supporting NC farmers, and making a little extra money. Plus, I have lots of extra produce left for us to eat.

I also had a job mowing my neighbor’s yard while their house was for sale. I made $20 each time, and it was less than one hour of work. I already mow my yard, so it was no big deal.

From Consuming Debt to Financial Freedom

A few years ago, I was in debt to the point of not being able to make even minimum payments on credit cards. I decided to work as hard as I could to turn my finances around, and the biggest part of that was getting a second job. I chose a worksite close to my full-time job, so I could walk to my “second shift” and so I could be available for emergency call-offs. I work 22 hours a week at my second job. Luckily, my full-time job has flex-time, so I can work early mornings and weekends to make up the time, and I still get one day a week off.

It has been difficult, but both jobs are relatively easy and rewarding, so I’ve just gotten used to a 12-hour day. I’m paying off my debts with money for emergencies. After a few more years of this, I should be debt-free.

Love to Sub

I have been a stay-at-home mom that has volunteered throughout my son’s school career. As he has started high school, I have to work, but I still want to be available to volunteer. I got a job doing substitute work in the school district. I sub as a cook and as a class aide, I don’t work every day and can keep my son on his after-school schedule. The income I bring in is helping to supplement our insurance each month.
Jen in Morrow, Ohio

Earn While You Learn

I teach a few jewelry classes at the silversmith academy I attend. It isn’t big money, but I make a little. And, I get my silversmith classes free.

There’s Money in Tutoring

Although I was blessed to secure a position after losing my full-time job, it pays me less than I was making and I now have to cover my health insurance costs. To supplement my income, I have taken a part-time retail job and I tutor. I am aiming to increase the number of tutoring students I have because I enjoy teaching again and I earn substantially more doing so.

Outside-the-Box Side Gigs

I’m a phone English teacher and I work from home. I work for a company in Korea, but other countries such as China, Japan, and Brazil have people who want to study English from a native English speaker. Some teachers work independently, doing their own student recruitment and billing, and others work for a company that takes a cut of the tuition, but handles those things for the teacher.

I work about three to hours a day and earn about $1,300/month, depending on the exchange rate and the number of classes I teach in a given month.

There are disadvantages. Although I work from home, hours are not flexible and there are few days off. The days off coincide with the foreign country’s holidays, not my country’s holidays.

But, there are also advantages. I learn about another culture by meeting people from that country. I also have the ability to be a stay-at-home-mom and still earn money.

In addition, I also work for ETS, a company that administers high-stakes exams. I work for a department that listens to spoken responses to an oral test. I work a few half-day shifts a month and earn about $15/hr.
Katie in AZ

Loves Doing Laundry

I do laundry for a couple of motel tenants, making $7/load washed, dried, folded. It’s small money, but it’s an extra week’s wages (sometimes more) over a year.

I also sell occasionally online, and some years, I sell a truckload of junk at one of the long highway regional yard sales.

Mastering the Art of Selling on eBay

I used to sell stuff online, usually books. I’d buy them at thrift shops and yard sales and list them on eBay and other sites. After a short while, I learned which ones I could sell for a few dollars more than I paid for them. If you concentrate on the type of items you know something about, you can earn the few dollars to make it to payday.

Reviewed March 2023

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