5 Items Americans Want To Save Money On All The Time

Good money habits have a way of accumulating and reinforcing each other while improving your financial condition over time. Developing these 5 simple habits in your daily routine can have a significant impact on your finances.

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In a world where every penny counts, budget-conscious Americans are constantly seeking ways to economize without compromising on quality. From groceries to car insurance, five key items consistently top their lists of expenses to cut back on.

Jason Higgs, the Senior Deals Strategist at Bountii, offers his insight into how consumers can navigate these financial challenges with savvy strategies and a resourceful approach to savings.

1 Groceries 4,000
2 Household expenses 2,200
3 Electric bill 1,300
4 Gas 1,100
5 Car insurance 900

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Meal Rotation: Instead of buying a wide variety of ingredients every week, challenge yourself to create meals using only a set list of staple items. Jason advises, ‘Rotating these staples weekly will not only save money but also reduce your food waste.’

Coupon Stacking Challenge: Take on the challenge of maximizing your savings by combining manufacturer coupons with store promotions and loyalty rewards. Get creative with coupon stacking strategies to score significant discounts on groceries while still enjoying your favorite brands.

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Household Expenses

Subscription or Membership Sharing: With the rising prices of services, the idea of swapping sharing subscriptions or memberships with friends or neighbors couldn’t come at a more perfect time. For example, you could share an Amazon or warehouse club membership or some streaming services allow sharing. This way, everyone can save without paying for multiple memberships or subscriptions individually.

Neighborhood Tool Library: ‘Collaborate with neighbors to create a shared tool library where residents can borrow tools and equipment instead of purchasing them individually. This reduces the need for costly purchases and promotes a sense of community cooperation,’ Jason says.

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Electric Bill

Solar-Powered Community Fund: Pool resources with neighbors to invest in community solar panels installed on a shared space, such as a community center or rooftop. Members can then benefit from reduced energy costs while also contributing to renewable energy generation.

Energy-Efficient Gaming Challenge: Turn saving energy into a game by challenging household members to reduce their energy consumption through friendly competition. Set energy-saving goals and reward achievements with prizes or incentives, making it fun to lower your electricity bills.


Eco-Friendly Commute Pool: Jason suggests, ‘Coordinate with coworkers or neighbors to create a carpool schedule with an eco-friendly twist. Whoever drives the most fuel-efficient vehicle for that week earns a small incentive from the other participants, encouraging everyone to prioritize fuel efficiency.’

Public Transit Exploration Club: Create a club or social group dedicated to exploring public transit options in your area. Organize group outings to discover new bus routes, bike paths, or walking trails, promoting alternative modes of transportation that save money on gas while reducing carbon emissions.

Car Insurance

Safe Driving Rewards: Enroll in a car insurance program that rewards safe driving habits. ‘Some insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who consistently exhibit safe driving behaviors, such as obeying speed limits, avoiding sudden stops, and practicing defensive driving techniques,’ Jason explains. ‘This not only saves you money but also promotes safer roads.’ (See Lowering Auto Insurance Costs When You Can’t Seem To Find Any Savings.)

Policy Optimization Workshop: Dedicate time to thoroughly review your car insurance policy and identify areas where you may be overinsured or paying for unnecessary coverage. Research alternative coverage options, adjust deductibles, or explore usage-based insurance plans that better align with your driving habits. By tailoring your policy to fit your specific needs and risk profile, you can potentially reduce your premiums without compromising on essential coverage.

Using strategies that save money on everyday expenses can significantly impact one’s financial well-being. Jason emphasizes, ‘By thinking outside the box and embracing unique strategies, budget-conscious consumers can unlock new pathways to financial freedom and security.’

Reviewed June 2024

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