Saving Money on Vitamins for a Healthier Body and Budget

by Rose Scott

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Vitamins may be a necessary expense for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save. These tips can help you reduce the cost.

Vitamins aren’t cheap, but buying them can be money well spent in terms of improved health and fewer doctor visits.

These supplements can also be a big waste of money if you take vitamins your body doesn’t need.

By understanding your personal supplement needs, making a few lifestyle adjustments and using the tips below, you can reduce the cost of vitamins.

A Few Tips That May Minimize Your Need for Vitamins

These first few tips may lessen the need to buy vitamins.

Eat nutrient-dense foods.

A well-rounded diet can provide many of the essential nutrients your body needs. By focusing on proper nutrition, you may be able to reduce the need for some supplements.

Don’t pay for vitamins you don’t need.

Consult with your healthcare professional before spending your hard-earned money on something that may not benefit you. Your doctor can help you determine which vitamins you actually need based on your age, gender, diet and health conditions.

Depending on your health and supplement needs, your healthcare provider may write you a vitamin prescription that your insurance may cover. However, not all insurance companies cover vitamins even when prescribed by your doctor.

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5 Ways To Save on Vitamins

Once you’ve determined which vitamins you need, you can use the following suggestions to save:

1. Buy in bulk.

Buying in bulk is often one of the easiest ways to save on vitamins. Just make sure you can use them all before the expiration date. Otherwise, you may end up throwing some of your savings away.

2. Buy store brands.

Generic and store-brand vitamins often have the same ingredients as name-brand products but at a lower price. If you can buy when the store and generic brands are on sale, or you have a coupon, you can save even more. (See also: Saving With Generic Store Brands.)

3. Subscribe and save.

If you prefer a specific brand of vitamins, check if the company has a subscription plan. Some companies offer a decent discount if you sign up to have your vitamins automatically shipped to your home at regular intervals, such as every three or six months.

4. Compare prices in-store and online.

You never know where you’ll find the best deal.

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can often find good vitamin discounts and free shipping usually applies. Just make sure you opt for reputable brands and products that have undergone third-party testing for quality, purity and potency.

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5. Store vitamins properly.

Follow the recommended dosage and storage instructions to ensure you get the most out of your supplements. Improper storage can decrease their effectiveness and waste your money.

Note: Consult a healthcare professional before starting or changing your vitamin regimen. They can advise you on what you need and how much so you don’t spend more than necessary or take an unsafe dosage.

Reviewed October 2023

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