5 Things You’ll Find In a Frugal Purse

by April Serock
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A purse was originally a small bag for carrying money. Now, purses also carry many additional things. If you carry the following items in your purse, it can possibly make you money! How many are in your purse?

Purses are often used to carry money, but what you carry in your purse can actually save you money.

Here are the five things every frugal person should have in her purse.

1. Coupon Binder

Companies offer coupons for many everyday purchases. Many stores have unadvertised “manager’s” specials. You never know when you may see a great sale price on an item that you can combine with a coupon for a rock-bottom deal. Keep your coupons with you for unexpected savings.

Garnier regularly offers “$3 off 2” coupons that when combined with a sale can result in shampoo for less than $1 bottle. Food product coupons can range from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on the product. Use coupons for sale or clearance items at a store that offers double coupons, and you may even get items for free.

Those little cut-out slips of paper can save you a lot of money if you have them with you when you need them.

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2. Snacks

Nothing can derail a frugal budget faster than convenience foods. (See Weighing the High Cost of Convenience.)

Keep small packs of nuts, seeds, or dried fruit in your purse for hunger emergencies. This is an especially big money-saver if you frequently have children with you. Kids are notorious for going from not hungry to “hangry” in a short amount of time. Every Happy Meal you avoid saves $3 to $5 per child. Even checkout-aisle candy bars cost around a dollar a bar.

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3. Water Flavoring

Love to save money by ordering water with a meal at a restaurant, but hate the taste of plain water? Carry a small bottle of water flavoring with you to jazz up your free drink.

Liquid water enhancers like Mio and Skinny Girl products cost $3 to $5 per bottle, but contain about 24 servings per bottle. At a cost of $0.13 to $0.20 cents per serving, that’s a big savings over restaurant beverages at nearly $2 a serving.

4. Planner

Planning your week and making a daily to-do list in a planner can help you to group errands most efficiently. This helps you avoid wasting gas and time and putting unnecessary miles on your vehicle.

Use the notes section of your planner to keep a running list of supplies or groceries you are low on and stock up if you see them on sale. If you wait until you are completely out of an item, you may end up paying full price for it.

Use your planner to keep track of bills that need to be paid or registrations that need to be renewed to avoid paying late fees.

5. Money-Making Side Gig Supplies

Keep a notebook and a pen in your purse if you are a freelance writer or stash your knitting needles and yarn for your Etsy business to make some cash while you wait at the doctor’s office or in the school pickup line.

Skip working your way through extra levels on Candy Crush and use your spare time to pick up a few extra dollars.

Centuries ago, a purse was a small bag for carrying money. If you carry the items above, your purse can make money for you!

Reviewed March 2023

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